Empire of the Soul

We are taken to the most remote stretches of the Namib Desert, where a man is about to build a new civilization, with a new type of divinely inspired architecture that expands upon the aesthetic beauty of sand dunes, fractals, and complex jewellery.

He combines and synthesises all of the elements at his disposal to produce a design for a city that looks like raw creative energy erupting from the desert sand into elegant, intricate shapes and patterns, neither natural nor mathematical, of such purity and perfection that all who observe it are instantly brought in contact with the very core of who they really are and what heights of experience are possible for humanity. Guided by his own gods within, of which no word or symbol has ever spoken of, he now has the certainty and clarity of purpose he needs to unite just the right types of people into his unique vision for the future of humanity.

The world may worship darkness and depravity, but so long as there is this one pure light upon its surface, it will forever outshine all the rest and serve as a beacon to all who are still loyal to the human soul.

The Creators:

Scene from Film 2

“Artists? No, we are not artists. We are the creators. There is, on some level, a fundamental difference.

Before you set out, there is one thing I want to warn you about - a danger that is not so obvious. I can't tell you why exactly... Its not something I've ever fully understood myself, but I just feel that it is important for you to know.”
“I'm listening.”
Beware the crystal people. While they may have great wisdom, it is unearned."
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Based in Sydney, Australia.